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Monday, 23 April 2012
What Is Hot Die Tool Steel

Tool manufacturers use hot die tool steel to manufacture tool. Many hot die tool steels are good enough to make tools by manufactures in the market. It is used in various methods of shaping metals which includes stamping, extrusion, drawing, piercing and so forth. Find the best hot die tool steel if you need.

Tool made of hot die tool steel has enough hardness after heat treatment, as for metal cutting the HRC of tools is generally 60 above. High quality hot die tool steel can keep the hardness even when under high cutting speed and high temperature heat condition. Good resistance to wear is another advantage of hot die tool steel. Under great pressure and friction condition, hot die tool steel can still keep its shape and size unchanged. Hot die tool steel has some of the strength and toughness, and this makes the tool made of hot die tool steel in the work can bear a heavy load, impact and vibration and the bending stress of the complex to ensure the normal use of tools. Because all the tools will be applied to different working conditions, the hot die tool steel also has some other performance, such as mould steel should also has some of the high temperature mechanical properties, thermal fatigue, thermal conductivity and wear-resisting corrosion resistance, etc.

The hot die tool steels also have good technological properties besides usability. In order to guarantee the production and use of tools, good thermal pressure processing quality and machining performance are important. The steel processing depends on the quality of chemical composition. Hardenability is a factor of judging good hot die tool steel. Hardenability means the highest performance of hardness that steel can reach after quenching. Hardenability has something to do with the chemical composition of the carbon steel, especially the content, the higher carbon content, the higher the hardenability. Its quenching degree means hardness distribution of hardened steel from the surface to the inner. Its quenching degree depends on the chemical composition, pureness and the grain degrees of steel.

As the hot die tool steel will be used in the manufacturing of different tools, there are certain requirements to the two kinds of performance. The high quality hot die tool steel decarburization sensitivity must be low for decarburization will lower the hardness. In the same conditions, steel decarburization sensitivity depends on its chemical composition. During heat treatment, the size and shape of the hot die tool steel must be stable. For the hot die tool steel which is used to manufacture cutter and measuring implement, grindability is demanded. The grindability is according to the chemical composition, especially vanadium content is important for the grindability.

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Posted by minsunkaren at 3:22 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 23 April 2012 3:26 AM EDT

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